I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked about it. From .My great digital lawyer and lame to. The most spring SEO . In fact, I made a face .Like a blow-up doll myself (why does it always .Have to be a doll?) when I first received the email. Thus, without anesthesia.A new index coverage problem has been detecte. And you stay there, not knowing what to say.Eeee, but wasn’t Simyo Orange coverage?” Ains, that’s it, man jinx. Goodbye to my 100 visits a month.

What does the index coverage message mean?

This message basically indicates that. Google has detected a .Problem when its robot was accessing your website . It could be a problem with a .Blocked page, a specific top industry data problem with your server.Blocked page, a poorly made redirection, that you forgot to. Lower the cover or. Any problem that the Google .Robot has found on your website and does not like it. .

Possible errors that can cause it

Well, as commented in the official Google documentation.There are various reasons that can cause these errors.Server error (5xx).Google has tried to access a  Phone Number UAE page and a 5xx type error has been .Vncountered, which are usually serious errors on the server or.Specific crashes. Redirection error: It can be for several reasons, although the most .Common thing is that you have been .Confused when making a redirection and you are causing loops (one leads to another and vice versa).

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