Most people start keyword research by entering a few broad seed keywords into a popular keyword tool, then checking keyword ideas. There’s nothing wrong with this process because it makes sense to tackle popular keywords. But it does leave some of the less obvious keywords on the table. In this guide, you’ll learn five advanced keyword research tips for finding untapped keywords. 1. Find newly published pages with traffic If you want to find keywords that you can potentially rank for quickly, look for newly published pages that already get traffic from Google.

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Ahrefs’ Content Explorer. Enter a broad topic Switch the search mode to “In title” Filter for pages published once within the last 90 days Filter for pages with an executive data estimated 500+ monthly search visits Filter for pages on sites with a DR less than or equal yours Exclude results from homepages and subdomains For example, let’s say we’re in the fitness niche. If we search for “protein” and filter the results, we end up with 10 pages, including this one about the top 20 highest protein nuts and seeds. This could be another good keyword to target for some quick organic traffic. Keep in mind that this method can unearth pages with short traffic spikes.

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When a page jumps in and out of the top 10 for a high-volume keyword or ranks in the “Top Stories” SERP feature. You should always further investigate where a page Phone Number UAE gets its traffic from before committing to creating content. You can do this in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. 2. Find competitors’ low-competition topics If your competitors are getting search traffic from Google, they’ve probably already done keyword research. This means you can piggyback off their hard work by reverse engineering the low-competition topics they rank for. Most people do keyword research the same way.

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