10 Best Alternatives to Google Analytics in 2023

Over tracking is the most recent alternative to Google Analytics and stands out for being. Easier to use and a powerful tool when collecting statistics on our website. It is a lightweight and advanced. Web analytics tool that offers a clean and simple interface with easy-to-understand analytics. It is a good alternative to. 10 Best Google Analytics that is privacy-free, cookie-free and GDPR, CCPA or PECR compliant. Overtracking,

10 Best Alternatives

One of the alternatives to google top people data analytics. This tool has a free version for. 10 Best website and 1000 page views per month . These are some of the features of Overtracking. Simple and easy interface to use and understand the information Identify and reduce excessive website tracking Analyze user behavior through the path of each visitor. Real-time visitor analysis It does not collect user data, making it a more privacy-friendly option than other web analytics tools Track website users with heat maps Record and playback visitor sessions across your website, etc.


 If you do not provide the personal data Phone Number UAE Clicky Clicky is another popular option for those looking for a similar alternative to Google Analytics . Like GA, Clicky offers real-time analytics, meaning you can see up-to-date information about your website traffic in real time. We can also see data about. 10 Best traffic sources, keywords used to find the website, and much more. Clicky alternative to free google analytics Clicky offers a free version for 1 website and 3,000 daily visits and certain restrictions on advanced features. For websites with moderate traffic, the free version may be enough. Clicky features.

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