The is the AI-generate answer to your query. Unlike the traditional SERP, it’s not a list of websites. It’s a narrative flow base on what SGE was able to find on the Internet. (In this way, it is similar to the response that displays when you type a query into ChatGPT.) Dropdown arrows display beside the generate text. Clicking these brings up the sources of the text, so you can assess the validity of the information. Website carousel: A carousel of images displays a series of links to websites that provide you with further information about your query. Follow-up questions: You can enter a follow-up question to dive deeper.

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Into your query. Follow-up suggestions: If you cannot think of any pertinent follow-up questions to ask, SGE provides a carousel of suggestions. SGE interface SGE interface Why Choose DMI? SGE query types How does SGE work for different query types? 1. Informational  new data  queries SGE informational query SGE informational query Informational queries are simply queries where the searcher is looking for facts. They may take the form of a question (“What core workouts can I do at home?”) or a more general search (“core workouts at home”). For an informational query, SGE returns a page similar to a detaile feature snippet. The AI-generate text list (the response to your query) has the dropdown arrows linking to source websites. And the carousel displays links to other relevant websites.


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Note: For informational queries, the SGE results are sometimes so detaile that searchers might not even click to further websites. All the information they nee Phone Number UAE might already be on the SERP! (Don’t forget, similar concerns were raise when feature snippets were rolle out a few years ago.)Commercial queries Commercial queries are when searchers are looking to buy something. For example, “Best dry dog food for an eight-year-old Labrador retriever”. SGE commerical query SGE commerical query The big difference from informational queries is that, with commercial queries, paid ads display above the generate text answers. 

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