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Fotor AI Image Generator What it is Artificial Intelligence Image Generator. unique custom images for your blog posts bas on text prompts. While it’s not quite there yet. it’s come a long way and will soon be able to create realistic images to use in your content. I also occasionally use it to share fun stuff on Instagram. Price Free Premium . per month or . per year. Unsplash Truck Photo Gallery on Unsplash What it is A free-to-use library of high-quality images. Why I love it I use Unsplash to find high-quality photos for use in Canva to create graphics for my blog posts. such as feature images and photos that visually illustrate the content I discuss in the article.

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Translator. Park Cheng. founder of Waimao Chuhai . Google ranking dropp significantly These are what you ne to check By Chris Haines Updat November . min read Chris Haines Chris Haines Chris is an SEO Director with years of experience Whatsapp Mobile Number List as an SEO agency. When he’s not involv in SEO. he enjoys tinkering with vintage synthesizers. walking on the beach. and drinking a good cup of tea. content Check for Google algorithm updates View organic traffic in Ahrefs website analytics Check the keywords with the highest traffic Check the website for recent technical changes View competitor rankings Check your links Check your content Check SERP Check Google Search Console for manual action If your website’s ranking on Google suddenly drops. this can be concerning. But before making any changes. there are some things to check first.

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Check for Google algorithm updates Google algorithm updates are one of the most common ways a website’s rankings can be negatively affect. Google doesn’t like low-quality or misleading results Belgium Phone Number List appearing at the top of its organic search results. so it makes regular algorithm updates to maintain the quality of the pages it indexes. Updates will be post on Google’s status page . Therefore. you should check if there are any dates that coincide with a drop in your website’s rankings. Google Ranking Algorithm Update. via Google Comparing these dates with organic traffic data takes time.

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