August on Amazon fraud – less than 30k in sales with barely 8k in profit

August on Amazon fraud – less than 30k in sales with barely 8k in profit. In mid-July the party ended and at the end of August it is being noticed. The loss of many of our top sellers is now also being reflected in our sales. In some cases the stock has not yet run out but sales are no longer what they were. What I do may seem radical but it works for me. I imagine that a loved one of mine was no longer here. 

Topseller sales in August

Topseller sales in August. The weight in profits has dropped to 42%. This is good and bad. Good in the sense that the dependence on top sellers decreases. Bad because this is not the end yet. There is still a significant email leads portion of the 3k+ profit that we will likely lose entirely. Subtracting the profit from the remaining top sellers, the profit would have dropped to less than 5k. imagine how that would make me feel. I compare that feeling with what has really happened to me and I realize that this is nothing compared to the loss of a loved one.

Pokémon sales in August

Pokémon sales in August. Pokémon in August has also had a significant drop. This month there will be about 1.7k profit. Last month it was almost 3k. The reason for this is that the top seller that on average Phone Number UAE sold 3-4 times a day now sells very little. There are more competitors pushing the price down. The pain you feel has nothing to do with it and you quickly see that you shouldn’t waste time on the small things and appreciate everything you have. 

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