Ask them what skills candidates should have. Agents are the front lines of your company. They handle all types of customers including aggressive and impatient customers. So they know the skills your company really needs. Seek advice from them. There may be good candidates in their network who seek to call the center for work These suggestions have two advantages They will introduce your company to the recommended candidates in an excellent way

From the second year onwards

 This will make them excited to join your company. . They know the job is special data  immediately next, so they will recommend candidates with the required skills. Introduce candidates to your company Don’t let them have their first interaction with the company and its employees on interview day. Candidates are encouraged to work at your company even before the interview process. Here are two ideas that can help you do this – inviting candidates to the office

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 Sometimes what we read in job ads is not what we get. So let candidates visit the office to see their future office and all the facilities provided. This will make them excited to be admitted and make Phone Number UAE them feel like they belong to your company. Talk to other employees. When candidates talk to your employees they will expose their concerns and ask more questions simply because they will trust employees more than HR managers to make friends with future colleagues – posting regular videos

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