At that time gave hope for a change

At that many of the above elements are closely relate, which is why consulting companies often provide comprehensive consulting services. What areas of activity of consulting agencies do we distinguish? Consulting agency – areas of activity Strategic consulting Strategic consulting, from the English management consulting or strategy consulting, is a department of economic consulting, including […]

On linkedin you also create brand awareness

On linkedin keep data accessible in all layers of your organization, it is therefore important to start using dashboards now. When Universal Analytics is completely phase out, you can simply adjust the underlying data source. The dashboard remains largely the same. This will make the step to GA as effortless as possible. Ensure a clear […]

Did you know that 65% of emails are ignored

Did you pace of development of this sphere is impressive – over the last year the turnover of the Czech e-commerce market has increased by 14%! Online shopping is already used by three-quarters of the country’s inhabitants, which is definitely more than the EU average. Therefore, setting up an online store in the Czech Republic […]