Twitter measurements, Follow your. The fastest growing visual social network of the moment. That is, “Pinterest. Does not stop working and adding new and very interesting features to its platform (both in the mobile App and on the web). Therefore, on this occasion. And from its own blog. Pinterest brings us a new functionality that will allow us to follow a certain search category (to discover new pins related to it). , in this post you will find Pins related to our interests Follow your favorite Pinterest categories Pins related to our interests In the next few days we will notice that every time a search is performed or a certain category is visited (in the Pinterest search engine). We will have a whole new selection of related interests. in this way we can view.

Pins related to our interests

Twitter measurements, Pinterest feed some pins from other people that we do not follow or know. But who top people data share content related to our interests on their profiles.  follow your. So if you go to the search area (at the top left of the website) and choose the “Outdoors” category, within a very short time. You will be able to see pins related to those interests. Such as: hiking, camping, hiking, canoeing. Climbing, etc., etc. That is, it will allow you to discover pins from other Pinners that you didn’t know about but who like the same things as you.  who knows? You may even discover some new things you didn’t even know existed. Therefore, well, the star feature of this new update is not so much those related pins. But rather the possibility of following the entire category in general. 

Follow your favorite Pinterest categories

Just by clicking on the button of “follow”(follow your categories or Follow Interest) . how to follow a category? It’s very simple, we phone number UAE just have to click on a new “follow interests” button that will appear at the top of it.  But what happens if we are no longer interested in that category? No problem, again you go to the search area and enter it, once there you just have to stop following it (just as you do today with any profile or board that no longer interests you).  The uses that we could give to these functions are unlimited… Imagine that you are about to get married and you want to organize your party inspired by the photos shared by other pinners that talk about that topic.

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