The independent Mexican agency Archer Troy continues to take over new industries, now that of instant soups. With new ideas and content, promotion and social media campaigns in different formats and media for the brand originally from Minato, Tokyo: Maruchan. After months of hard work, the team at Maruchan México and Archer Troy cooked up a first campaign under the concept FOR WHEN YOU NEED TO BE A CHEF , made up of three audiovisual pieces in different stages.

Maruchan Ramen is the best option

Where we see that  to save the day when, unexpectedly, hunger knocks at the door and the table must be served. Today two of those three pieces industry email list are already on the air. This campaign is the new launch of the brand in 2022, on television stations throughout the country and in digital media, in addition to having print at the point of sale and outdoor media. Thus seasoning the table of all Mexicans in a very creative and fun way. Maruchan Soups is a leading brand in its category

Sopas Maruchan is a brand

Championed by the renowned Chef Mariano Sandoval and that over the years has managed to position itself as the preferred and loved instant Phone Number UAE soup among its youngest consumers. FOR WHEN YOU NEED TO BE A CHEF has thus joined the vast variety of campaigns that the Archer Troy agency will be creating for Maruchan in the coming months. «We are very happy to introduce this new client to the company and in what way. Commented Mike Arciniega, director of the independent agency.

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