What’s the next best thing to google sitting next to you at your desk, staring into its glasses at your screen, and telling you How to make how to improve the visibility of your web pages? We’re listening to marcus tober, founder of searchmetrics. In his intelligent content conference talk, “Mastering the world of deep learning: how big data makes your content more relevant in search,” marcus gleaned from years of research in search analytics across many industries and topics. Shared some insights. As a pioneer in search analytics software, marcus has watched search engines get better and better at understanding which web pages are relevant to people. He has seen search engines evolve from reading people’s text strings to actually reading their minds.

Develop a content niche

Based on what he’s learned from big data about seo Outlook Email List visibility, marcus urges companies to do three things with their content: develop a niche get rid of redundant, outdated and trivial content (rot) update the rest of your content to address people’s intent marcus’ advice isn’t new, but it’s backed up with data. His numbers highlight the importance of doing these things we all know we should do. Even though he’s not sitting next to you, read what this european search personality of the year has to say.

Develop a content niche vast general websites (goliaths that generate large amounts of content on all kinds of topics) may see strong search visibility for a while, but such performance may be difficult for people to understand. You could be knocked out by smaller sites that address your needs in a more targeted way. Take about.Com, for example, a site that, as marcus puts it, “Invented massively scalable content online” in the mid-1990s. For decades, about.Com has published millions of articles.

Update the rest of the content to address user intent

At the time of marcus’ talk, the site still had over 500,000 Phone Number UAE pages indexed by google. Still, despite the site’s size, “Over the past two years, we’ve lost almost all of our seo visibility,” he says.  Related search factors, as shown in this graph, and describes how visible a website is in a search. Engine’s organic search results. Provides a single universal index to calculate, measure and compare online performance of different domains.) marcus wondered how about. Com’s visibility stacks up with sites that specialize in one topic area. Marcus loves to cook, so he singled out about. Com’s recipe pages (some 17,000 pages with the word “Recipe” in the title) and compared them to the much smaller site thekitchn. Com, which has 5,400 recipe pages. Did. In other words, he pitted e-david against e-goliath.

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