Don’t sell your skills for ridiculous prices!” How do you balance blogging and daily life? “Blogging is my lifestyle and hobby, and it’s almost always integrated into my daily life in some way. Sometimes I go days without opening the blog at all. No matter how addictive the hobby is, family, friends, and exercise can’t be forgotten.” Currently What’s the most challenging thing about blogging? “Sometimes social media and blogging are too tied and engaging. I don’t have time to read books, nor do I watch TV, but on the other hand, it doesn’t matter now because, for example, it’s great to chat with readers on social media!” Kaksplussa How does the blogger feel? “It was great meeting other bloggers and participating in Swamp Training. I really enjoyed it! Working on a portal is very restrictive, but I enjoy writing more in my blogging job than in my job as a spokesperson Write more.”

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The support, encouragement, and friendship of other bloggers are extremely valuable. For example, if you are not part of any network, you can blog on Facebook  collaboration is also new to me. The most important thought is that it is a shame that so many bloggers work together on a 25 euro product. It undervalues blogging importance in marketing and to the detriment of the entire blogging genre. You have to appreciate your own work! Buying a product yourself for 25 euros is better than photographing new database the product (in natural light, not always available), processing the photos, posting on social media It’s a hundred times easier to write and share posts. Buy the product at this price and the company hardly has to donate any product.

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 I wrote about what was happening now, for example, a child’s death that morning Funny story.” If you had to start over – would you? What would you do differently? “I will definitely start! I’m so glad that the kids’ privacy was so carefully considered in the beginning. I’m also glad that I only started blogging in 2015 and not when the kids were very young. This is a Addictive hobby, so it’s good that Phone Number UAE I do it now that the kids are older. In the beginning, my posts were very long, without pictures and subtitles. Their subject matter was exactly distressing. On the other hand, They were genuine, relaxed, open and not as thoughtful as they are now. On the other hand, they were read by 300 people a month then and now are read by 30,000 people.” Have you read this article: How to start a career as a content creator career? Blogger interviewed by Yli pyykkivuorten you’ve learned along the way? “I never imagined how important people I would meet from other bloggers.

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