Are you ready to reach the top? Digital Marketing Schule From organic to paid: Digital Marketing strategies on Google Before talking about the tools that Google offers, I ne to explain in which contexts each strategy can be appli in Digital Marketing : Content Marketing Starting with Content Marketing , where you produce and publish quality content to help potential customers on the Internet. After all, just like you and me, who turn to Google when we have questions to ask, a colossal part of the world’s population does the same thing! And, by thinking about what questions your potential customers might ask on Google, you can create materials that answer those questions in the most complete way possible.

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 This is how potential customers find your business online: when your content appears in the results for these questions! The more sophisticat the material, the more likely your business will be to appear at the top — and that’s exactly what we, at Orgânica, did to increase sales at one of the most famous wineries in the country by 1783%. Find out more at: How a content empire increas sales by 1783% IF THE In addition to producing valuable content that answers people’s questions, it is necessary to optimize the structure of this content using what new data we call SEO : It is the acronym in English for Search Engine Optimization and has a series of techniques capable of increasing the visibility of publish content.

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 Just by applying good SEO , it is possible to increase your brand’s position in Google results! The only difference is that, without the support of paid mia (which I will explain below), websites, blogs and landing pages take longer to be index by search engines. Still, when your pages are index with Phone Number UAE SEO , they receive a much more evergreen flow of organic traffic . It was by applying this Digital Marketing.

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