Expert and founder  Companies therefore find themselves able to communicate through marketing and advertising campaigns directly to the user’s device without any intermiary. This brings to a higher level the sophistication with which it is possible to establish a relationship between the company brand and the user, so much so as to create as many digital social ambassadors as there are customers, so much so as to potentially transform anyone who interacts with the company into micro-influencers. Not seizing this opportunity in.

The hypercompetitive and digital

Era we are experiencing could prove to be seo expate bd a serious strategic and tactical mistake for companies. Perhaps we should ask ourselves: what is the reason for not immiately using social mia and experimenting, rather than looking for explanations on why to use them. In the last year, LinkIn has taken on a different role in the professional panorama of social networks: can you tell us about some positive aspects and some problematic ones? I have been using LinkIn since October . I was still at IBM and I found this tool truly exceptional.

It was the dawn of

What would become the era of social mia and Phone Number UAE  LinkIn was already an excellent tool for publishing your profile and finding work. It was great for getting a company’s HR to quickly evaluate you, and then proce with a job interview. This was the fundamental function of LinkIn at the time, and it remain so until . But even before that I realiz that it was actually an excellent tool for connecting with people who want to talk professionally about work. Shortly after, I realiz that it was an unparallel tool for understanding a person’s background: before speaking to a potential client, I always spent some time on LinkIn to understand.

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