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The core algorithm refers to the core search algorithm at Google. I think many people are paying attention to this. Because the search results change .Explaining the key significantly each time it is implemented. It also affects the number of visitors to the site. When a core algorithm update is implemented. It will be announced by Google through Twitter etc. with a title such as  The June 2019 Core Update. In this article, we will look back at the characteristics of Google’s core algorithm updates. The changes in the main core algorithm updates that have been implemented to date. And explain the attitude toward disseminating information that is important when running a website.

two types of large-scale search

Google’s search algorithm is likely to be updated daily. However daily updates are not announced every time. And it is not known what kind of updates have actually been implemented. On the other hand, in most cases, core algorithm updates are announced by Phone Number List Google in advance . Even if you don’t know what kind of update it is. You can understand that it was implemented. Core algorithm update Currently, the only core algorithm updates that Google announces in advance are the core algorithm updates that only state the timing, such as “The June 2019 Core Update.” There are also “Page Experience Updates” and “Product Review Updates,” whose contents and purpose are made clear and require a response from the user.

Core algorithm update and YMYL area

Core algorithm updates have been carried out approximately three times a year since 2018. Although it is not possible to know which websites the update affects, it is believed that it often targets content in the YMYL area. The YMYL area is an acronym for “Your money or your life,” and is an evaluation item stipulated in Google’s quality evaluation guidelines. Core algorithm update Many of the information related to users’ lives and lifestyles, such as medical care, health, and money, are incorrect and may cause direct disadvantage to users. Google has established a stance of placing more emphasis on accuracy and reliability in the YMYL domain, and has defined it in its quality evaluation guidelines and reflected it in search rankings.

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