progress-on-key, Hotels around the world have long found the Internet to be an ideal place to boost the acquisition of new customers on a global level. Furthermore, in recent years, they have incorporated social media marketing as an essential business tool, both to facilitate their communication and interaction in the online environment and to better achieve many of their objectives. This type of social platform is a great complement to any guest loyalty strategy and/or customer acquisition and service strategies. Today, thanks to social networks, offers, discounts, promotions, facilities, products, services, etc. They enjoy an exceptional showcase in the 2.0 firmament (especially when we talk about a season as important as summer.

Do you know the current growth of the hotel sector on social networks

time of year when the interest of social tourists in the products and services that our companies can offer them significantly increases). Photo (Beach job function email list in Barcelona) : Shutterstock Summer analysis for hotel chains on social networks The summer season is over! For this reason, it is the most opportune time to see a balance of the results achieved by the main companies in the tourism industry between the months of June, July and August 2014 (in what may have been one of the seasons with the greatest benefits for Spanish tourism). Below we can enjoy an Infographic(made by the guys from Epsilontec) with an analysis carried out by ICARUS of which are the fastest growing hotel.

Summer analysis for hotel chains on social networks

Offer interesting and quality content (information about the tourist destination, curiosities, secrets, events, advice, etc.) and, as much as possible, always try to link it with your hotels. If you want the social tourist to come to your establishment, show it! Share information, photos phone number UAE and videos that show the most seductive side of your establishment and your services. Awakens emotions. You should seek to convey to your fans the desire to travel to your destination or city, with good aspirational content (pay close attention to your content marketing strategy ). To conclude , I leave you with the infographic about the growth on Facebook and Twitter of the leading brands in this sector, which I had promised at the beginning of the post.

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