software altogether. 4. Mobile-first SaaS unlocks more flexibility Mobile has become ubiquitous with more than half of all SaaS companies offering their products as mobile apps today. Actually, consumers are spending more time on smartphones than desktops presently! By making their products available on mobile devices

SaaS companies unlock greater flexibility

for users who can access their services from anywhere and on any device they choose. The result is increased engagement levels and higher  Italy Phone Number List conversion rates too! 5. Vertical SaaS gaining ground One of the biggest trends in SaaS is verticalization. Companies will have more products for specific industries and verticals.  businesses are creating those meeting particular needs. For example,

Salesforce has launched Salesforce

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CPQ (Configure Price Quote) for sales, marketing, and field service. Vertical SaaS is disrupting many industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and FinTech. 6. White as a new revenue stream The benefits of white are significant. It allows you to build recurring revenue from an existing SaaS product without having to Phone Number UAE build your own infrastructure or manage your own customer support. The benefits for customers are clear as well. They can purchase a complete software solution that is already functional and ready to go, without the need to spend more time or money

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