These are ads that SGE thinks are relevant to your query. Like informational queries, you also get your text answer with dropdown links and your carousel to other websites. And it lists popular options, giving information on why these options are popular. This overview information includes information provide by brands and stores. 3. Brande commercial queries What about brande commercial queries? These are commercial queries that include a brand.

But makes it harder for brands to get those conversions!

For example, “Nike running shoes”. Brande commercial query Brande commercial query In this case, you again get an AI-generate text answer, giving you some new database  information to consider when considering purchasing Nike running shoes. SGE also displays links to sites where you can buy Nike styles. These sites include Nike’s own website, as well as many third-party sellers. Pro tip: Make sure your category and product pages are optimize before SGE rolls out. This will help to put you in the best position to show up in the SGE snapshot as one of the feature products. Become a world class digital marketer .

Articles Digital Strategy  Never forget that Digital Management and Leadership

Local queries Local queries are when searchers are looking for things near them. For example, “dog boarding wichita ks”. Local query Local query Once Phone Number UAE again, SGE returns  some AI-generate information base on your query – in this case, explaining what services are offere by dog boarders in Wichita, Kansas. As well as the carousel of websites, it lists local services, along with review snippets and dropdown links to review sites. As with feature snippets, SGE also displays a map indicating where the businesses are locate. 

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