Without counting other monetization methods, such as infoproducts or affiliates… Then we must The best also take into account a series of expenses generat by the system, although they are really low compar to the income: Domains. Hosting. Templates. Automat system to optimize processes. If it weren’t for the work with email marketing, those sales would not have occurr, without a doubt. I have also tri to improve my method of writing my emails, from the story, through the bridge. Breakpoint on tablet: here you can set the resolution at which the website jumps to the tablet version. By default they are 1025px.

With this system

To make the system as efficient as possible, I have creat an automat system so that when the customer executive data places the order, a series of events are trigger that will save me a lot of work. I have done this by integrating the website with Make , and the result is this: What you see in the image achieves the following.  the sales part and the postscript. Thanks to the fact that I am training in copywriting and sales , I hope to be able to reap the rewards. Little by little. In 2023 we will continue on this path.

Commerce which triggers

An order is creat in Woo  all the automation. With order data, a series of folders Phone Number UAE and subfolders are creat in Drive for the client to upload the contents of the website. Within the folders, a series of documents and The best videos are also add with processes that the client must comply with. The client is add to a list in my email marketing tool.  If you want it to wrap around another CSS selector, you can indicate that here. Page title selector: if you want to hide an H1 page title with Elementor , the default identifier and class is usually ‘ h1.entry-title ‘, but if your theme uses a different class, you should indicate it here, otherwise Elementor won’t know which one is to hide it.

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