Copy the Story link by pressing the three dots icon that will appear at the top. Therefore, right of the story and selecting “Copy link” from the drop-down menu. Open the IG Downloader app and press the “Paste link” button. Press the “download” button and in a matter of. Therefore, seconds it will have downloaded (you may be asked to log in to Instagram before continuing with the download). To save the photo, select the icon that appears at the top right of the app, which will take you to the download history. Go to the three dots icon, then press “share” and among the options that appear, choose “upload photo” and the story photo will be stored in your Google Photos account.


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If you have an iPhone, you. Therefore, won’t find an app company data dedicated to downloading Instagram Stories specifically, because the App Store has stricter rules regarding. Therefore, allowing apps that offer downloading of this type of content. However, it is possible to download Instagram Stories from an iPhone through the Safari browser and accessing a website created for this purpose called StoriesDown . These are the steps to follow: Access StoriesDown through the Safari browser.


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Starting with the most recent to the oldest. Press the “download” button. Therefore, that will be shown Phone Number UAE below each Story and accept the download. In the Safari bar you will be shown a blue circle (indicating that the download. Therefore, is complete), you must press it and then “download” in the drop-down menu. Tap the content you want to save on your iPhone in the list of downloaded content that will appear, and then press the icon in the lower left corner (classic for saving in iOS) and you will see the option to store the file on the smartphone or share it.

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