How to find the perfect The vast majority of online stores according to my theory do not fail. Therefore, because of poor management but because they were planned poorly from the beginning. The whole long tail of. Therefore, problems that later come together are a consequence of these first steps. ideal online storePhoto rights to Fotolia This has to do with the product that was chosen at the time of departure. I

There is demand without excess competition How to find the perfect

How to find the perfect There is demand without excess competition Typically if you don’t have competition it industry email list means there is no relevant market . That is why one of the most important. Therefore, rules when approaching a potential investor is to never, ever postulate that you are the only one who does what you do. It is a sure sign that you have not done your homework well, you have lost your nerve or you are the next Steve. Therefore, Jobs (the latter is unlikely so 99.9% of investors will opt for the first or second option) .

Market with significant growth figures online product

Market with significant growth figures Above all, when you are Phone Number UAE looking for investment, you need to be able to demonstrate. Therefore,that the market you are targeting is booming. For this, the ideal is annual growth figures of over 10% . In very powerful markets, figures below this may also be relevant. Very few (relevant) niches can provide this data.

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