Any teaching of reading is difficult if there is not a process of readjustment of the subject to an environment that modifies his mind and prisposes him to handle or decode the technology of writing. Human beings have surviv thanks to their ability to adapt to various environments. In cold or heat, we have always carri out our existence. The process of acquiring the ability to read spellings begins with the constitution of a favorable environment that initiates the “neural recycling” of the subject. The written word has not only a semantic and rational dimension, but also a phonological and visual dimension , and the latter not only as physical perception but also as the construction of images and concepts.

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Consuming a written text implies, then, adapting capacities intend for other objectives. This adaptation has to be encourag by the environment, inside and outside the classroom. The book is not the way to teach reading, but the arrival point. If we do not create an appropriate intellectual and artistic environment that modifies the student’s mind, reading will always be torture. *This post is a collaboration b2b leads of Yuri Jesús Vílchez Bejarano, professor at the Department of General Studies at the Universidad Privada del Norte .Time never stops and if we don’t take advantage of it, we will never be able to get it back.

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Within the university our time is mark by schules, this makes it easier for us to organize our courses; But what happens when we leave schul classes? It is possible that many times we have felt disconcert in the middle of the hallway and, other times, we Phone Number UAE have felt the desire to walk, chat, fall in love or even sleep. What a problem, right?! Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to learn to divide our time bas on five criteria. The first is to assume that time is very valuable and we must do everything possible to make the most of it for the benefit of our academic, family, sports and friendship priorities.

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