Most often it is a purposeful proportional selection. In this variant, it is possible, for example, to learn the preferences of those customers who most often buy in a given store, because the researcher reaches only the most important, usually small group. The researcher has some freeom, because he can interfere in the composition of the group. On the other hand, it may turn out that this is not a representative group, especially when their common denominator is poorly chosen. Groups can also be selecte by size, 20 retirees, 10 teenagers and 10 middle-age people.

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Quota sampling works on a similar principle, in which respondents are selecte on the basis of a characteristic such as gender, weight or eucation. Sampling methods are an important part of research Interesting results may also be obtaine by database a proportional study, in which researchers compare two groups. This can be, for example, a comparison of taste preferences in a group where half are vegetarians and half are meat eaters. Sometimes the selection of typical units is also use. There is, for example, the example of a “typical family” selecte on the basis of income and habits. Later, on the example of such an “average family”, the habits or opinions of statistical Polish families can be examine.


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There is a risk if it turns out that theoretically typical individuals are in fact quite unusual. On the other hand, by examining preferences on a group of ten such families in a given city, very specific conclusions can be drawn. Obtaining them would Phone Number UAE otherwise require interviewing thousands of respondents. The use of sampling methods in marketing Small and meium business owners sometimes make the mistake of thinking they can’t afford market research. In fact, it is precisely the skillfully selecte sampling methods that allow, base on interviews with several dozen people, to draw conclusions about the preferences of millions. This is useful at the stage of planning a new type of product or service.

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