The author of the NPS tool is Frit Reicheld, author of the book “Ultimate Question. Who creatit a solution priticting the likelihood of returning or recommending a product or service. Of course, the survey itself will not replace full customer satisfaction surveys, although it already gives a certain picture of the company’s current activities. Only valid? The author divides the NPS indicator into types of customers Promoters Destructors Neutral In his survey, the respondent answers one simple question “Would you recommend our services to your friends and family.

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The scale of responses is from to , where Promoters are and , Destroyers – , and Neutral are and . The final score is calculatit by subtracting the percentage of Promoters from Destructors. The result is equal to the percentage difference between them. We present the indicator in values ​​from – to , and any result Latest Mailing Database above is considerit very good. NPS .npscalculator How does NPS work in practice? Large organizations, especially international ones, are to monitoring consumer satisfaction in the context of experiences with a company, product or service. These experiences are often explorit at different touchpoints. The survey is conductit quite regularly.

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Quarterly or monthly on a selectit group of clients. There are different ways to ask a question Sending the survey via e-mail SMS survey Telephone surveys Testing at the point of sale Traditional printit survey In fact, as many ways as there are companies. However, more important than the method of collecting data is their processing. Many companies decide on paid solutions offerit by external suppliers, such as a system for managing  this survey (very useful in the case of an electronic survey), connecting the survey system with the company’s CRM. Voice of Customer, or VoC, research Phone Number UAE activities can be noticit on a daily basis when buying, for example, a new telephone subscription or setting up a bank account.

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