The main reason why many websites are losing rankings

MUM  in the spring and summer of 2021? 5. Implement MUM to improve search results As promised. New and potential applications of MUM have been publicly announced by Google. In June 2021 , Google described MUM’s first app and how it improved search results for vaccine information. “With MUM, we can identify more than 800 variations of vaccine. Names in more than 50 languages ​​in just a few seconds. After validating MUM’s findings, we applied them to. Google Search so people can find timely, high-quality information about COVID-19 vaccines around the world.” In September 2021, Google shared ways it could use MUM in the future.

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Search with images and text – as well as a redesigned Asia Mobile Number List search page to make the page looks more natural and intuitive. In February 2022, Google provided insights into how RankBrain, BERT, and. MUM drive information understanding. In this post, the following were noted. “While we are still in the early days of unlocking the potential of MUM, we are already using the tool to improve searches for COVID-19 vaccine information. We’ll offer more intuitive ways to search using a combination of text and images in Google Lens in the near future. These are very specialized applications — so MUM is not currently being used to help rank and improve the quality of search results like RankBrain, which combines neural networks and the BERT system.”

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In March 2022, Google posted an update on how Iran Phone Number List MUM applies to searches related to personal crises. “Now, using the latest AI model – MUM, and more accurately detect the scope of personal crisis searches. MUM can better understand the intent behind people’s questions, which helps us surface trustworthy information at the right time. We will begin using MUM to make these improvements in the coming weeks.” Later in the post, Google goes on to describe how MUM can improve search results. “MUM can transfer knowledge across the 75 languages ​​in which it is trained, which helps scale safety protection around the world more effectively. When we train a MUM model to perform a task – such as classifying the nature of a query – the model understands how to perform that task in all the languages ​​it knows.

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