The first posts were ready on the platform and they gave instructions on how to make posts. I removed the instructions and wrote my own post instead of the instructions. I wondered for a moment how I can make more posts when there are no more places to make them.  be a new blog post soon.” (Author’s note. WordPress has this same feature, i.e. when WP creates a blog, there are a couple of pages ready and one blog post, the url of which is already ready.)

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What was the easiest part of changing the look? And what’s the hardest? “I had a very clear vision of what I wanted and the vision helped new data a lot. In Wende, you don’t need to know any coding language. However, you can use the code and you can code more if you want to add a visitor counter to the blog, for example. Debone had a pre-installed Facebook comment plugin. I don’t know if it’s the hardest part, but it’s a bit awkward when I don’t get a notification if someone comments on the Facebook comment plugin. You have to remember to visit separately. It is sometimes challenging if there are comments on old posts. I got a tip for the  an It-tutu, which I added to the page myself.”

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 Why did you want to change the look? “I already mentioned earlier that the platform of the first blog was so hairy, that’s why I wanted to change the platform of the blog and at the same time the layout.” What has been the benefit of the change in appearance? “I consider the implementation of Google of images to be the most important.” What kind of feedback have you received from readers about the change in Phone Number UAE appearance? “I have received only positive feedback about the new look.” What tips would you give to a blogger who is thinking about changing the look of their own blog? “It’s worth thinking about how to best stand out from other bloggers. It is good to choose a blog platform based on your own needs.

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