Newsletter will make you curious Donation agreement – ​​content and subject of the agreement template. The legal institution of the donation is defin in the provisions of Art. Of the Act of April Civil Code and consists in a free, non-equivalent donation at the expense of one’s property. You will learn from this article what a donation agreement should contain and when it can be revok. An invoice issu to a company with its headquarters in the EU or the USA.  How to settle the transaction and show it in the and _ declaration. Have you receiv an invoice from a company headquarter abroad.

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Employee sobriety testing from – changes to the Labor Code Are you an employer. Check what you ne to remember when testing an employee’s sobriety. Relat pages Who is entitl to a tax duction in the form of an abolition relief? Search engine, enter text. Your end is philippines photo editor starting a company. Blog banner ABC of the entrepreneur Business from the inside E-commerce Company step by step. Tax interpretations Accounting closer Taxes , Entrepreneur’s guide Employees Consumer rights Own business , End of the tax year Changes in the law Online accounting and online accounting office Do you know that of accounting offices plan to increase prices next year.

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Website Telephone icon In times of skyrocketing prices, choose a stable accounting office Telephone icon We help with relocation and formalities Leave your number! We will call you back with details I consent to contact – clause We know everything about Phone Number UAE accounting, so you don’t have to Let yourself be surpris by the professional knowlge of our accountants and leave your settlements in good hands. Or maybe you prefer independent accounting.

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