Batch 1 Selected Facilitators will take part in Train the Trainer (TTT) online on Saturday, June 5 2021 at 08:00 – 12:00 WIB. On June 10 – August 3 2021, Fasil will allocate time every day to help Educators (Vocational School Teachers and Lecturers) by answering questions in the class discussion forum Learning to Create Back-End Applications for Beginners and Building Cloud Architecture on AWS . Congratulations to you selected Facilitators! For those who haven’t been selected, don’t be discouraged. There will still be other interesting programs.Amazon Web Services or AWS is a cloud computing service provider that is present throughout the world. AWS is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform. In fact, the number of services on AWS reaches more than hundreds.

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of flagship services with millions of customers. With a cloud like AWS, users from various IT companies, in general, become more  activities and faster in innovating. Let’s learn the basics of cloud computing provided by AWS for budding developers. Cloud Computing Before we go deeper into the AWS section, let’s narrow the scope of the discussion, namely ws data regarding the working definition of the cloud . Now, what is meant by cloud computing ? According to AWS, cloud computing is the on-demand use of IT resources via the internet at pay-as-you-go prices . Before the advent of cloud computing, companies that wanted to create a data center had to build it themselves and had to predict the service workload. 

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 because it will cost quite a lot. A data center usually consists of computer racks in rows; complex network; and also a managed storage system. Apart from that, the company also has to spend funds to pay for building rent, cleaning, electricity, cooling and security. And even though the data center is ready to use, the company must ensure that the data center is able to serve workload needs. Why is that? Think Phone Number Uae of it this way. A company has succeeded in building a data center to support its website needs . Every day the website is accessed on average by 10,000 visitors, but generally on Sundays the number is only 5,000. This figure changes again on special days such as New Year’s Eve when suddenly 

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