On linkedin keep data accessible in all layers of your organization, it is therefore important to start using dashboards now. When Universal Analytics is completely phase out, you can simply adjust the underlying data source. The dashboard remains largely the same. This will make the step to GA as effortless as possible. Ensure a clear division of roles in your teams and get the right knowlege in-house The web analytics landscape is quickly becoming complex. Sometimes through an abundance of tools, websites and online channels. But also because several teams and several agencies depend on that data. It quickly becomes unclear who is responsible for tracking that one conversion. 

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Innovations such as GA and server-side tagging are also sometimes left behind due to an unclear division of roles. To prevent this, I recommend that you make one specialist within your organization ultimately responsible for web analytics. This does not necessarily have to be the web analyst. Anyone with an affinity for photo editor data can do this, for example a CRO specialist or online marketer. If you cannot find anyone within your organization, you can of course also invest this in a service contract with your agency. In addition, online marketers and communication professionals across your organization will also nee to brush up.

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On their knowlege and skills in the field of analytics. For example in Google Analytics , Tag Manager and Google Data Studio. Now you! What web analytics trends for , do you see? Do you have additions to this article? Or a nice story about how your organization is adapting to the changing internet landscape? Let me know in the comments! How important is having trust for success. Research shows time and Phone Number UAE again huge. Unfortunately, scientific research also shows that women in particular suffer from reuce business confidence. And that this is very much in the way of their ambitions and results.

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