Before the age of seven, children are not taught to read, but rather they learn a culture of reading that is born at home and is subsequently strengthen at school . That is, before the age of seven, children imitate models and adapt their minds to literate culture; There is no teaching program, but there is learning. Melgarejo highlights that The fact that they start reading at age 7 is because they understand that that is when the brain is prepar to do so. Before they are 7 all they have to do is play and when they reach that age they begin to learn in a forceful way.

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The sociocultural factor is what accompanies the process of adaptation of the child’s mind in the family and learning to read at school. Melgarejo points out that the presence of the sociocultural factor in Finland occurs b2b email list mainly through the complete system of libraries, the church and television . The first is relevant as it provides the essential material for reading; the second, because it was in charge, in the history of the country, of promoting the interpretation of the texts. Finally, the Spanish researcher highlights, in this process, the role of television as a tool for teaching reading, not only because it invites people to read through the broadcast programs, but because it “trains the vision” of the future reader.

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 We can understand, then, that non-school factors (family and sociocultural environment) are determining factors in the student’s preparation for reading. Without these two dimensions, there is no technique or Phone Number UAE school or university manual that can get a young person to read, because they are simply not condition to do so. A human being in whose environment the debate of ideas emerges, imagination and fantasy are cultivat, and vari rhythms and melodies are appreciat, is condemn to read a book . It will be inevitable, vital, because the mind and body will require it to exist.

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