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Social media takes up more and more space in our lives and brands have noticed this. It’s the moment to take advantage of all of its potential to design a strategy that will benefit us. At this point, we aren’t revealing anything if we say that social media is an important channel of communication in our lives. For many people, it’s the main tool they use to see the world and find out about news, trends, and opportunities. According to the data collected by Statista, there’s estimated to be a total of 3.78 billion social media users around the world in 2021. In the next few years.

when the less digitally developed countries reach a higher level of infrastructure

this number will grow up to 4.41 billion in 2025, according to the predictions. Because of this, marketing and sales in social media are so important: the public is there, and they’re waiting for us. Brands have realized the enormous potential of social media and have used it, integrating it in their Marketing 360º strategies to get closer Telegram Data to possible buyers. Platforms, in fact, have adapted to this phenomenon and have updated some of their apps to facilitate the shopping process. Instagram is the best example: in 2018, the Instagram Shopping feature was activated so companies can add price tags to images that are uploaded and make it easy for users to buy their products through the app. The swipe up feature has also caused a small revolution in the platform.

Social Selling Tools Source: Creative Market Social media is a high-value marketing tool

 Social media trends are telling us that nostalgia marketing will be successful once again. But the question is, do you know how to use it? Social Media Selling: advice to optimize your strategy A social media strategy requires previous planning to achieve the best results. You should know who you’re talking to, create goals, and make a plan Phone Number UAE so that the ROI of your Social Media Marketing strategy grows. Don’t forget that your users like to receive value-added content that surprises them, not ‘self-promotion’ or a direct and aggressive sale of your products or services. It’s important to know how to choose which social networks we are on. The strategy of “get them all” doesn’t usually work; each network has its nuances.

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