Efficiency, trust, profitability, segmentation, notoriety and credibility are some of the reasons that explain the good evolution of the radio , which has managed to multiply the growth of the advertising market by four in the first nine months of the year. According to the latest report published by Infoadex, radio is the medium that has grown the most in billing in the first nine months of the year with 8.7% . In addition, it has reached 278 million euros. Radio multiplies the growth of the advertising market by four in the first nine months of the year Infoadex chart On the other hand, Arce Media declares that around 1,100 new advertisers have contributed more than 9 million euros of growth to the radio medium.

The attributes that radio brings to the advertising market

The Spanish Association of Commercial Radio Broadcasting affirms that radio advertising is one of the most profitable in terms of investment top industry data and return in terms of CPM, especially in commercial targets, and its low production costs make radio a medium of extraordinary efficiency . . 2. Notoriety With 6.7% of the investment, it is capable of generating 10.3% of brand mentions , according to data from Infoadex and IOPE, surpassing practically all media in effectiveness. In addition, the brands that remain have invested 15 million more than in the same period of 2021. If we talk about sectors, five have increased their investment by at least one million euros compared to the previous year.

Your ability to segment more precisely

Compared to other media, radio is a specialist in segmentation. For example: geographically (national and local stations, local disconnections, etc.) or Phone Number UAE thematically (sports programs, news programs, entertainment, etc.). This makes radio a medium with a very qualitative and attractive profile to segment. 4. Credibility Radio is the means of communication that inspires the most confidence among Spaniards, far superior to the rest. On the other hand, according to data from the Standard Eurobarometer on ‘Public Opinion in the European Union’, it remains the medium in which Spaniards place the most trust with 45%. Furthermore, the European Commission once again ranks it as the most reliable medium in Europe. According to the annual Eurobarometer survey, 56% of respondents trust the radio.

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