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Feedback and reviews, your source of gems!We end this article with one last essential ingredient for a successful sales website, namely feedback from your customers!Listen to your The internet relevant to your niche as a simple share customers and consider their opinions and suggestions, because this way they will know that for your business, their […]

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Fotor AI Image Generator What it is Artificial Intelligence Image Generator. unique custom images for your blog posts bas on text prompts. While it’s not quite there yet. it’s come a long way and will soon be able to create realistic images to use in your content. I also occasionally use it to share fun […]

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The most popular and widely used platforms are social networks Due to the importance of all the possibilities that social networks offer us the question arises What are the most used social networks in Spain Before answering this question we must clarify another question which are the most commonly used social networks . However there […]

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Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship is Now Open. What is cloud computing? Explanation from AWS What is Back-End and Back-End Developer? Registration for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program.   Bevelopers in Indonesia who have been affected by the COVID19 pandemic.  Through scale scholarships on the Machine Learning and Back-End Developer learning . Pth up […]

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 EC2 instance and simply pay for the compute time used. Instead of having to pay for unused resources or dealing with limited capacity, with cloud computing, you can use capacity as you wish. You can even  computing everything will be solved. You can adjust data center capabilities according to workload needs. There will be no […]

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deployment models are cloud-based, on-premises (local), and hybrid. Let’s break down each of these models. Cloud-based Deployment In a cloud-based deployment model , you can design, build, and run new applications in the cloud. You can also migrate existing applications to the cloud. You can build the application on low-level infrastructure which requires your IT […]

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Batch 1 Selected Facilitators will take part in Train the Trainer (TTT) online on Saturday, June 5 2021 at 08:00 – 12:00 WIB. On June 10 – August 3 2021, Fasil will allocate time every day to help Educators (Vocational School Teachers and Lecturers) by answering questions in the class discussion forum Learning to Create […]

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Scholarship Program is open for 100,000 general participants In 2021, Dicoding . Together with AWS will hold the ” Cloud and Back-End Developer. Scholarship ” Program, a scholarship program for all groups, especially for vocational school teachers and lecturers in Indonesia.  Learning Path learning module at Dicoding Academy. Complete information about this program can be […]

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Meanwhile, in the cloud, you can test how failures can occur in workloads and validate the recovery procedures you create. You can also use automation to simulate multiple failures or recreate scenarios that led to previous failures. This approach shows a failure path that you can test and fix before . An actual failure scenario […]

Framework which has five main pillars

The Reliability pillar as a way to validate the reliability of cloud architecture . Did you know that this article was taken directly from one of the sub-modules in the Architecting on AWS (Building Cloud Architecture on AWS) class which was prepared by a team of Dicoding experts together with industry practitioners and validated by […]