Pinterest launched its new instant messaging system

Pinterest launched, Previously we could only send a pin to other people inside and outside this network, because perhaps with that pin we had a way to let them know that we have found something interesting or that they would most likely like, well that is history now… because from today We can also have […]

Twitter measurements and characteristics updated

Twitter measurements, Follow your. The fastest growing visual social network of the moment. That is, “Pinterest. Does not stop working and adding new and very interesting features to its platform (both in the mobile App and on the web). Therefore, on this occasion. And from its own blog. Pinterest brings us a new functionality that […]

Pinterest Analytics The new analytics tool for companies

Pinterest Analytics. Do you know the new  update. Therefore,  at the end of last month Pinterest launched an update to its analysis tool for business accounts . Therefore, which has been given a large number of new features. The main objective of the renewed is to help professionals and brands to analyze in a simpler and more detailed […]

Tourism companies need to be more professional in social networks

Tourism companies. That is why the tourism sector . With a large presence on the Internet. Cannot remain oblivious to this reality… but neither can it afford to get on the train of progress in any way. One should aim to be as prepared as possible that is. Tourism companies must want to become professional. […]

Progress on Facebook and Twitter of hotel chains in the summer

progress-on-key, Hotels around the world have long found the Internet to be an ideal place to boost the acquisition of new customers on a global level. Furthermore, in recent years, they have incorporated social media marketing as an essential business tool, both to facilitate their communication and interaction in the online environment and to better […]