Terazosin in Chinese

Terazosine is a prescription medication that is commonly used to treat symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (benign prostatic hyperplasia) in men.

This article will outline some basic information about Terazosine but will not cover medical advice or guidelines for use. Always consult a doctor for medical advice about Terazosine or any other medication.

Terazosine works (Terazosin de zuòyòng)
Terazosine belongs to a class of drugs called alpha-1 blockers (alpha-1 zǔzhìjì). These types of medications work by relaxing the muscles that control the bladder outlet. This can relieve symptoms such as difficulty urinating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terazosine is commonly used to treat symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia in men, such as:

Increased urination, Frequent urination at night, Slow onset of urination, Weak urination
What are the side effects of Terazosine?

Like all medicines, Terazosine may have some Israel Phone Numbers side effects. Common side effects include dizziness (tóuyūn) and low blood pressure (dī xiěyā). If you experience any side effects, talk to your doctor.

What should I be aware of when taking Terazosine?

If you are taking other medicines, tell your doctor before you start taking Terazosine. Terazosine may interact with certain medicines.

Also tell your doctor if you have any health conditions, such as liver or kidney problems.

I bought Terazosine by myself

Terazosine is a prescription drug, so it is necessary to have a doctor’s examination. Doctors prescribe Terazosine and you can get it from the pharmacy.

This note is for the purpose of providing general Cambodia Phone Number List information about Terazosine. It is not intended to provide medical services. Terazosine does not include any medication The question is, I must talk to the doctor.

Is the information in the above record established in the service? (Shàngwén de xìnxī hái yǒu yòng ma?)

This article provides a basic overview of Terazosine in Chinese. Remember, it is not a substitute for consulting a medical professional. Always talk to your doctor before starting any new medication.

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