The best options I have to invest in a product right now. Those who have been following this blog for years already know that the funniest time of the year begins right now. Although technically there are still almost four months left until Christmas, we have to start running to have enough inventory by then. Yesterday I was also watching a video on YouTube.

Auctions on Ebay

Auctions on Ebay. This part is generic. Here I am not looking for specific products but rather offers that could be interesting and that few people would pay attention to. I’m looking for Lego GWP (Gift with top people data Purchase), Lego Brickheadz, second-hand Lego Duplo, Funko-Pop, Pokemon, etc. Here I have found many good offers but in short they do not give amounts large enough to subsequently generate relevant benefits for the business.

Grade Pokémon cards with PCA

Grade Pokémon cards with PCA. This is a small dilemma that I am experiencing right now. I have recently purchased a considerable amount of grading cards with PCA. It is a French company not as well Phone Number UAE known as CGC or PSA but with which I have already achieved some sales of letters that I have graduated with them at the beginning of the years. 

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