Enter the brand name Brand24 is the best tool to monitor your brand or product online . Thanks to it, you will find customers and learn the scale of discussions around a selecte topic, brand or product. CreatSOCIAL MeIA How HBO Polska heats up the atmosphere in social meia before the premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaApril 24, 2016 ・ 4 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn Few people haven’t heard about “winter is coming” and “Jon Snow doesn’t know anything”. Sentences from George RR Martin’s fantasy saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” came to life and became memes thanks to the production of HBO.

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Since 2011, the Game of Thrones series has become a feast for its fans for 10 weeks a year, with the days counting down to the premiere of the next database season just after is broadcast. It so happens that the countdown to the world premiere of season 6 is coming to an end – the first episode will be release in a dozen or so hours. HBO Polska heats up the atmosphere around this event in a very good way and engages fans in social meia in various ways. Poles love Game of Thrones We are talking about Game of.


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Thrones all the time – not a day goes by without entries relate to this topic appearing on the Internet. Of course, the discussion comes to life during the Phone Number UAE broadcast of the series – then the most photos, memes and comments about individual episodes appear. However,, in between seasons, this theme doesn’t die. Most people talk about Game of Thrones on Facebook, in black because I’m from the Night Watch , HBO’s Game of Thrones and Westeros.pl are in the lead.

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