Pinterest Analytics. Do you know the new  update. Therefore,  at the end of last month Pinterest launched an update to its analysis tool for business accounts . Therefore, which has been given a large number of new features. The main objective of the renewed is to help professionals and brands to analyze in a simpler and more detailed way both the activity and performance of their profiles. Boards and pins, and then improve their strategies . Pinterest Analytics is a great move to get a greater number of engaged Brands Share it on  Tool Features Now. Our analytics dashboard shows how visitors are interacting with our profiles, boards and pins. The main screen displays a table with the general statistics of the account

How to use Pinterest Analytics

The team of developers of the new tool tells us that this update will help brands gain greater knowledge about “the content that people like most from their email leads accounts and. Above all. From their own websites Therefore, as well as the volume of traffic and interaction that those pins bring Therefore,  – The New Analytics Tool for Businesses Learn more about your audience (new Pinterest Analytics) The recent update provides us with more and better data about our audience (what our followers like and interest and different users who are related to our content). If someone follows our company page or shares our pins Therefore, the tool will obtain information about the movements of those users and. Among other things. Will show us.

Do you know the new Pinterest Analytics update

How to use ?  Guide: taking a general tour of the dashboard we will see that it is separated into three main categories Therefore,  your profile: where phone number UAE we will find all the information regarding the pins and boards in our account (which are the most viewed pins and with the greatest number of clicks and shares. In addition to knowing which boards obtain the most virality ) . Being able to filter all these results by subcategories: Impressions – Repins – Clicks – Likes – Types of pins – The entire period. Pinterest Analytics – Your Profile – The New Leads Blue Analytics Tool for Businesses Therefore, your audience: this is the place where you will be aware of where they live. What they are interested in Therefore, and what companies your audience follows.

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