I wake up before the alarm even goes off. You have to see this new update of YOs (get it? IOS with Y? … em, okay) it’s the milk. I look at my phone several times and decide to get up and leave a little early . To wait here, better on the train. Breakfast consists of coffee and some cookies, the only digestive thing about them is their name . Everything in silence, only with me, because my two girls are sleeping, one in each room. I look at myself in the mirror. My mother! Well, at least I now have a solution to relieve the weight of the backpack: put some of the things in my eye bags (the Mac for example). I’m getting old

What we usually do: create sales funnels

It all starts with “I want to make automated sales funnels” . Sure, like everyone seems to category email list be doing and it works really well. Sales funnels (typical internet process in which you advance towards a goal, through a series of steps in which, inevitably, people are lost) ( money, yum yum). Wow! What a cool concept, right? Who wouldn’t want to have it in their business? Okay, so we agree that it is a way to make sales on autopilot? Sales. Okay, we have to sell.

What usually stops us: problems in technological implementation or difficulties with copy?

Well, having spent more or less time thinking and deciding that we have to lead the client towards the sale , almost always, we get to work. What impatience to do! Not even if it were … ( put what you want here ). Let’s say we decide, for a change, to create a lead magnet and make  Phone Number UAE a sequence of 7 emails. One a day if that. And now? Find the tool (or use the one that everyone uses, of course) and implement the sequences . My mother! What tool do I choose? How do you do something or other with Active Campaign? What is this What until…? How to get the most out of this or another tool?

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