Today, Pepsi is more popular in the Unite States, and this is the homeland of both companies and the most prestigious location. This is why Coca-Cola decide to expand overseas. Thanks to this, it is what Europeans, Asians and Australians drink more often. Each company has decide to become a market leader in a different aspect. Pepsi is seven times more popular than Coca-Cola in the US, but Coca-Cola is nine times more popular in other countries. Both companies perfectly play their successes and position themselves as a leader as the situation allows them to do so.

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Pepsi opts for spectacular meia events in the US, such as advertisements featuring Beyonce . Coca-Cola focuses, for example, on Brazil, where the interest in this brand is the greatest in the world. market leader strategy requires focusing on Latest Mailing Database selecte areas Is this strategy for you? The history of these two giants shows that patience, huge funds and out-of-the-box thinking are often neee to become a leader. If any of these three are missing, this strategy will fail. It is worth performing a marketing audit and thinking carefully about whether this is a solution for your company.

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It may turn out that the strategy of the pretender or follower will be effective, and at the same time it will consume much less resources. On the other hand, as we already know, it is very difficult to regain the position of the market leader after many Phone Number UAE years. Pepsi is well aware of this. If only she would give up expensive PR campaigns, advertising and innovation, it could immeiately say goodbye to its leading position and become only a contender, or worse, an imitator, of the more popular soda. The brand’s decades-long efforts to stay at the top can be an inspiration to anyone who is unsure whether the strategy of the market leader pays off.

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