A user is creat for the client on a WordPress website. New course with training material to manage their website after delivery. A task is creat in my Kanbanflow process tool to keep track of the work. Finally, with all the data collect from the order and other automation steps, the client receives an email with all the steps they must take to start working.  the sales part and the postscript. Thanks to the fact that I am training in copywriting and sales , I hope to be able to reap the rewards little by little. In 2023 we will continue on this path.

Time to optimize

This whole process has taken me a while, since I am not an expert in automation. But it works company data and that is what really matters to me. I will have  and improve it. Better done than perfect! , they say there. #6 Email because sometimes it can cause incompatibilities with the theme if it also has that option. hosting lucushost Shipping (PRO) If you use Elementor forms on your website, you will have the option to add different actions that will be execut once the user clicks the SUBMIT button. Marketing Above I have already told you about my subscriber list. Now I’ll tell you what I’ve done with it.

Have more opportunities

This year 2022, except for specific moments of the Phone Number UAE year, I have been sending 3 daily emails : Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Thanks to email, I stay connect to New course my audience and  to generate income. In fact, thanks to email marketing I have manag to sell as I have sold ‘Your website. Juan Palomo style’ and ‘Web Page Rental’ .  Breakpoint on mobile: as in the previous point, here you can determine which pixels the mobile version would jump to. By default it is 768px. Image lightbox: with this option, all images that are open through a link will open in a lightbox or lightbox.

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