For example, the photos did not fit the text as I would have liked. Second, I couldn’t use Google Analytics, even though I imagined it was possible at the beginning. I wrote the first blog about  around be the new platform for my blog. I didn’t want Blogger or WordPress. I wanted someone that not everyone has and that would stand out from other blogs.” You have renewed the layout of your blog during the summer and autumn, how did this change of layout feel? “I asked a few people and one family friend in more detail what would be a good blog platform when he works in the IT industry.

Maisa's life exactly one year ago, and

He was of the opinion that I should code the platform myself. I thought that it would be challenging because I don’t feel that I have the time or ability for that. I googled different options and ended up with Wende . Even a family member said that it seems like a good new database option. The customizability of at this point. Since Debone is free, it has certain limitations. When the free space started to fill up, I knew right away that I was ready to pay for this. At the same time, I thought I would get my own domain. This is what happened after mid-August. couple of hours after I made the payment. At the same time, I got the right to use Google Analytics, which I am super happy about.  I got to a new level with blogging all at once.” Did you make the changes yourself or did you get help from a friend or a professional? “I have made all the changes to the appearance of the blog myself.

Changing my appearance has felt like

 I asked , but other than that I’ve managed on my own. There were such good instructions on how to act. The old blog remained on Simple site, so there was no need to transfer the old blog posts. I have linked the old blog to the new one, which helps readers to find the new blog as readers. I already knew a bit about the technology, but I was able to manage with it. There were some Phone Number UAE bumps in the beginning, but it’s nothing. . If you look at the first two or three posts, you will notice that the title and the name of the post in the address field (permalink) are completely different.

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