Why few actually learn through mistakes made. It seems that I am not as savvy as I would like to be. In the last 15 years of entrepreneurship I have repeated many times mistakes already made from lessons already learned in the past. According to the theory of “you learn from mistakes” this should not be the case. I think many experience something very similar. There are times in your life where small events such as a comment from a co-worker.

Most learn from mistakes that are easy to avoid

Most learn from mistakes that are easy to avoid. If you have studied little for an exam, the lesson learned is that next time you have to study more. Nothing Phone Number UAE complicated, do we agree? Even so, many students will repeat the mistake of not facing an exam with the necessary preparation over and over again. Some at least, the nerdiest ones, will never possibly make this mistake. This hypothesis came to mind with the loss of a recent client. The lessons learned are actually not new.

He who really wants learns from mistakes

He who really wants learns from mistakes. It also often has to do with false convictions. Many entrepreneurs believe they are smarter than the rest. Although resorting to path A means falling into trap B, they think that if they repeat the exercise Phone Number UAE enough there will be a day when that trap will no longer be there. There is a fine line between perseverance and stubbornness but in the worst possible sense.

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