conduct interviews. This post requires people communication skills. 5. IT Support Specialists- IT specialists reply to technical troubles. They must be able to work with IT departments, retail centers, and computer manufacturers. This job requires skills to deal with and handle clients in a satisfactory manner. Their job involves helping employees and clients with software and network issues.

The applicants for this vocation must

have adequate troubleshooting skills. 6. Data Analysts- Data Analysts identify the company or departmental trends by analyzing specific data sets and records. They must have adequate knowledge of data software, statistics, and market research.

Data analysts report their findings and predictions

to executives and shareholders to help guide decision-making and future planning. As the amount of competition is growing rapidly in all fields, so is the importance of this job as people want their business or vocation to stand out amongst the rest. 7. SAP Consultant- SAP Consultants or Systems, Applications, and Products Consultants work with businesses to create customized solutions for their

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