Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship is Now Open. What is cloud computing? Explanation from AWS What is Back-End and Back-End Developer? Registration for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program.   Bevelopers in Indonesia who have been affected by the COVID19 pandemic.  Through scale scholarships on the Machine Learning and Back-End Developer learning . Pth up to advanced level, with the hope.  With the skills currently sought by the industry. Open to all Indonesian citizens (WNI) with a maximum age of 34 years.

The Lintasarta Digital School

Program will provide scholarships for a choice of 2 Learning Paths . Namely the Machine Learning Developer Learning Path and the Back-End Developer Learning . Path To support the Lintasarta DigiSchool program, Dicoding . Is whatsapp database opening registration for facilitator positions for fellow developers . Who are interested in the world of Machine Learning . And Back-End and have a passion for teaching. Today we announced the selected facilitators to help participants in the 2021 Lintasarta DigiSchool Scholarship in the Machine Learning Development Learning class for Machine Learning facilitators or the Back-End Application Fundamentals Learning class for Back-End facilitators . The selected facilitators for the 2021 Lintasarta DigiSchool Scholarship are: Facilitator Name City of Domicile

Facilitator Aninditya Anggari Nuryono

Whatsapp Number List

Balikpapan Machine Learning Developer Suryatna Sacadibrata Tangerang Machine Learning Developer Moh. Fahrul Hafidh Banyuwangi Machine Learning Developer Muhammad Akmal Pekalongan Machine Learning Developer Rezky Wahyuda Sitepu Bandung Machine Learning Developer Mokhamad Wijaya Tegal City Machine Learning Phone Number Uae Developer Sardi Irfansyah North Jakarta Machine Learning Developer Ahmad Emir Alfatah Palembang Machine Learning Developer Nur Imam Masri Makassar Machine Learning Developer Aditya Pratama Nusantara West Jakarta Machine Learning Developer Khairul Anas Nur Islam Hadi Sumenep Back End Developer Yusron Andrian Surabaya Back End Developer.

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