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Training is not enough Sometimes, if they have the required skills, they can hire inexperienced candidates at the start of their careers. So consider training your staff and showing this on social media to attract more candidates eager to learn. You need a competitive analysis to see if the employees of your company are competitive […]

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Digital Marketing: what are they and what are they for? Digital brings us closer, but without strategy, it pushes us apart There is a lot of talk about tools, channels, best strategies… and usually forgetting the main thing: your target audience . Knowing it is crucial in any marketing strategy, Colossal part especially digitally, where […]

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A video without captions is suitable for people with perfect hearing (except if they’re trying to watch it in a public space and don’t have headphones—a situational disability!) while those with limite or no hearing can watch it and potentially get a vague idea of what the video is about. Their comprehension may be limite. […]

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Pro tip: Reviews are going to be very important when SGE rolls out! Start gathering your customer reviews now. Also, check out this blog for more information on local   SEO. Or link to this evergreen piece on Local SEO  YMYL queries YMYL queries refer to Your Money or Your Life queries. These are generally lifestyle […]

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For Wende suits my needs example, Google Analytics cannot be used in all paid versions, as in Simple site. However, I used the free version of Simple site. The only downside to Debone is that it can only be edited and updated on a computer. You can only see the statistics on a mobile device.” […]