How to Value Your Website’s Worth Better Than

If you’re considering selling your website, you need to know how much your website’s worth. While there are many website value calculators out there, most of them are inaccurate at best. Website value calculators base their numbers purely on traffic and domain rating. To give you an idea of how inaccurate that is, a website […]

Advanced Keyword Research Finding Untapped

Most people start keyword research by entering a few broad seed keywords into a popular keyword tool, then checking keyword ideas. There’s nothing wrong with this process because it makes sense to tackle popular keywords. But it does leave some of the less obvious keywords on the table. In this guide, you’ll learn five advanced […]

How to Improve Click-Through Rate Tested Tips

You worked hard to get those top keyword rankings. But the work doesn’t end there. If your listing fails to communicate value, you can’t expect many clicks to your website. And every lost click costs you a crucial opportunity to reach your audience. Optimizing your click-through rate is an overlooked search marketing technique that can […]

New course in my online training academy

A user is creat for the client on a WordPress website. New course with training material to manage their website after delivery. A task is creat in my Kanbanflow process tool to keep track of the work. Finally, with all the data collect from the order and other automation steps, the client receives an email […]

The best hosting in Spain

Without counting other monetization methods, such as infoproducts or affiliates… Then we must The best also take into account a series of expenses generat by the system, although they are really low compar to the income: Domains. Hosting. Templates. Automat system to optimize processes. If it weren’t for the work with email marketing, those sales […]

Email marketing and automation tool

So they back out because investing €1,000, €2,000 or €3,000 in their business seems too high … Because Email marketing of this, I set out to create a solution to this problem. And ‘ Web Page Renting ‘ was born. A web design service with extra services that can be paid in easy monthly installments. […]

Conversion rate in email marketing Why is it so important

This is when customers Conversion rate come to you and big sales happen. Therefore, This usually happens due to the increase in searches prior to Black Friday. I’ll explain it to you: In other words, November comes with the success checklist that every Producer and Affiliate loves:  Increase sales. Gain more clients.  Learn strategies to […]

How to achieve a positive ROI in a short time

    The profitability of marketing campaigns is one of the objectives that companies pursue; That is, make a smaller investment in them and obtain a greater profit. If you are thinking about starting an email marketing campaign, we will tell you how to achieve a positive ROI in a short time . Email marketing: […]

How email marketing automation saves you time

Email Marketing continues  a form of effective communication between. Companies and their clients since through it advertising. However, preparing and sending personalized content can take a lot of time and energy; Therefore, email marketing automation is the best solution in terms of saving us time and money.  Email marketing automation Uses and benefits By automation. […]

IT Industry and Professional B2B Telemarketing

This way, they will only plan one part of dental marketing, and if you’re not sure if this type of dental marketing is right for you, finding the right audience for your software or IT services can be tricky. As far as marketing is concerned, you’re on shaky ground. You have to face the fact that not […]

Popular Shopify plugins to help you get started

Since the most efficient way to build an online store is with Shopify, you might also want to give building your own an online store a try. Since Shopify is considered an e-commerce solution, it is now easier and more reliable. 50,000 stores in seven years, you’re certainly not alone. Yes, there may be more competitors, but there […]