Today is an easy-to-digest article in How to use intranet which I want to share with you a fantastic experience that I had this week and that, although it arose spontaneously. Can serve as an example of a marketing effect or benefit: naming the things . Specifically, I come to talk to you about Bundi , a friendly robot owl that was born for the. Iron Blogger project and that is already capable of continuously monitoring the blogs of those registered. Notifying us when someone fails to fulfill their publication commitment and also when each one publishes. a new post. Yes, I could have put it this way  we programmed a script to solve the main obstacle we faced when starting the.

The preferred successful  to use the intranet

What is Google Meet  In this article we will see the Google Meet video calling tool. Who company data can use it, how to use it and the requirements to use this. Battle Competitors professional platform to hold video conferences. With the confinement of professionals and companies for more than a month. Many companies have had to look for alternatives to Therefore, remain in contact with their professionals and clients, as well as provide alternative services to those they were offering in person.


Best suits our needs

As you already know Bundi has been the little program that we have created. To cover the first and essential of Iron Blogger ‘s tasks/challenges controlling those registered so that they publish. But, shortly after we began to lay the foundations  for its operation, we realized that if it was able to determine that someone had not  Phone Number UK fulfilled their commitment, once the deadline had expired, it would also be able to detect that someone was approaching the deadline. without fulfilling it. And, if he could detect it, he could warn that person that she was about to “have to pay.

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