articles CubeDuel © Copyright © 2020 · Don’t Require Coding Skills! Tyler 5 min read 6 months ago BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is one of those degrees in the Information Technology world that is widely sought-after. However, there is limited knowledge about employment opportunities that BCA

Provides in fields other than coding

which most of the BCA students and BCA aspirants are themselves unaware of. For this, we have to understand BCA as a degree itself. This course provides adequate information about the basics of software programming and development. Other than the regular 3-year offline program, we have seen diversity in how BCA has made itself accessible to students. With the advent of the trend of online education, an online BCA degree in India is also in great demand.

Let us have a look at the various jobs

that you can get after BCA that don’t require coding as a mandatory prerequisite. Table of Contents 1. Graphic Designer- 2. Game Testers- 3. Technical Writers- 4. Technology Journalists- 5. IT Support Specialists- 6. Data Analysts- 7. SAP Consultant- 8. Information Architect- 1. Graphic Designer- This is an ideal job for people who have basic knowledge of computer science and have an artistic outlook. Graphic designers are required to create visual representations for companies and websites in the form of logos,

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