When you have built all the variables building blocks for the tag. You can proce to the net step, . building a tag that will collect variables from parameters from the Data Layer array. How to build a tag. Enter the Tags section , click New select tag type – GA event Give the tag a name . It is a good practice to name events from GA event – this will make it easier to find yourself in the thicket of tags in GTM. In the bo mark. Select your GA service ID. Which is G. Then enter the name of the event – the name you enter here will be us in GA .

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It is good practice to not include spaces. If you want to separate words, use an underscore _. Then complete the parameters Why these parameters and not others? Reminding – because this is what the DataLayer look like for the ‘newsletter_download’ event Now it’s time to add a tag trigger rule. Click on the rule phone number list selection icon . Then click on “+” to add a new rule Name the rule . According to good practices, it should be describ as an event, because we are creating a rule for an event. Then click the rule selection icon.

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From the list that will epand, select In the discuss eample, the event from which we want to collect data and transfer it to GA is the event nam “newsletter_download”. Save . Ready! This is what the full tag should  look like After making sure that you have complet all the necessary fields, save the entire tag . It’s not over yet. Now it’s time to debug. If you want a well-done implementation, you can’t skip this step. How to debug in GTM and GA ? It’s time to test Phone Number UAE the implementation, . we move on to debugging.

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